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Attention all pregnant ladies (oh my goodness I really miss my bump!)

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Getting ready for your new baby can be stressful and overwhelming whether it is your first or not. There is so much to worry about! So today I will tell you about something that will make this season a little easier so that you can enjoy your loving nesting phase!


Babylist is the easiest way I have found to get all of your baby gear, necessities, and anything else you might need for the arrival of  your new happiness package (aka BABY, yay!). It is free, and allows you to register for A-N-Y STORE or website! Yes. You basically choose whatever you need for your baby or for yourself from anywhere you want: big brands, small unique businesses, furniture, electronics, clothing… all of it all in one place!

You can also register for things you can’t buy like home-cooked meals or baby-sitting help using help & favor coupons AND a cash fund. I mean… it is so convenient and lets your family and friends know what you actually need. Oh! and if you already have a registry set up, you can simply combine it with your Babylist registry!

Now, they have something new and very exciting starting this January! A limited time offer of their Hello Baby Box! I received mine and my jaw dropped, I have seen what other services provide, but this one really stands out because of their content! It is a free goodie box with samples and offers from trusted brands worth up to $160. You are eligible for one for yourself once you start your Babylist registry. I will let you have a peek at mine!


My favorite item was the Twist Bottle/Pouch, it attaches to any pump and collects your breastmilk, so cool! There are countless coupons, offers, and samples of newborn diaper, cleaning products and breast pads. The content changes each month and is available to US residents only.

Other great features that Babylist offers: free shipping over $25 on orders shipped by Babylist, 10% remaining registry discount, free registry consulting and price change alerts 🙂 Best of all… you’re no longer limited to just one brand, one store, or one option anymore!

Now excuse me while I talk to my husband about some serious life changing decisions, because this is giving me some serious BABY FEVER!

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