Finally Getting Our Toddler Room Done!

This post is sponsored by the wonderful removable
wallpaper company Rocky Mountain Decals!

Ok, so! I don’t know if you have noticed on my Instagram feed, but we never really had a nursery. We had a bedroom with a dresser and a crib where Zoey slept, and Hazel is still sleeping with Tim and I (we are currently working on transitioning her into Zoey’s room but you know how this works…). We did not really know what we wanted to do in that bedroom, but we knew 2 things: we wanted an accent wall and we wanted minimal furniture and decoration. Since we have started our minimalist journey not too long ago, we wanted to make sure that their bedroom was uncluttered, easy to clean and cute… but not too babyish.

We browsed through the Rocky Mountain Decals website (click HERE) and absolutely fell in love with the Cactus pattern. It would mix well with Pink (which Zoey LOOOOVES) it was overall the best fit for what we had in mind.

We received our package, yay! We were so excited!

It was very well packaged and it included a Pink “Card” Tool, which you will use to remove the bubbles, and a sheet with instructions on how to apply the wallpaper.

I immediately unrolled it and put weighs on the top and the bottom.

Next step was lining up the wallpaper sheet with the corner of our ceiling, peel off the back and roll it down the wall, making sure to get rid of all bubbles as you slowly apply the wallpaper. Take your time, and if you do have to remove it to re-center it it’s ok because it will not damage your wall (yay)! I found it easier to have my husband help me, so if you have a buddy that can make the process a bit faster, great! If not, you can still do it yourself 🙂

Tim made sure to remove the outlet, cut around it and reinstall it. It was painless, quick and looks so good!

Mid-process, my children decided to wake up, but luckily they were eager to help! (just kidding, like that would EVER happen, but hey… we got it done anyways!)

Time for the last sheet! I measured the length of the remaining wall, and then cut the last sheet accordingly, BEFORE I applied it on the wall. I used a sharp cutting knife, with cardboard underneath the wallpaper sheet to protect the floors.

When I finished applying the last piece to the wall, all I had to do was trim the bottom edges, which I did with the same knife. I preferred to do it afterwards, and I made sure that I used the card tool to really mark where I would need to trim it.

It took me literally 2 minutes to finish it up!

After that, Tim built Zoey a montessori house framed bed, I bought a few decorations, we put Hazel’s crib in there and OH MY GOD WE HAVE A STINKING CUTE NURSERYYYY!!


You can watch the process below! It took us about an hour start to finish, and we are thrilled with how it turned out!!!

Click HERE for wallpaper, and THANK YOU Rocky Mountain Decals for giving us EXACTLY what we wanted!!



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Maya Vorderstrasse

Happily sleep-deprived, Maya exercises her unique and authentic personality, translating her personal experiences with her Irish twin daughters, Zoey and Hazel, into funny and honest posts, often accompanied by her best friend and husband Tim and her letter board. As a mother, a graduate in communications and advertising, and a musician, Maya has employed her whit, charm, abilities, and expertise in relatable posts and essays about motherhood and her experiences. Although Maya has been blessed with magazine features by Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Us Weekly and appearances on countless international websites, blogs, and even several television stations, Maya enjoys her active and successful engagement with other mothers, or soon to be mothers, on her Instagram page.

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