Girls’ Bedroom!!

Hi guys! Here we go 🙂

*please know that absolutely nothing on this post was sponsored. I owned most of the stuff, and purchased everything myself 💁🏻‍♀️

As you know, the theme of my kids bedroom is “Women Empowerment, Kindness & Inclusion”

This theme was born in my heart and developed in my mind after reading the book “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History”. I wanted my kids to be surrounded by strong, smart, courageous, kind and awesome women. I want them to understand their potential to make a difference in the world, to include and hold hands with women and people who are/look different than them, and to be kind. This is the kind of human that I expect to populate this messed up Earth with. I did not carry them for almost 10 months each, destroyed my back and lost sleep for years, for them to be nasty, exclusive, judgmental jerks. THEY. WILL. BE. KIND.

So I dug into my brain and started putting things together. I made lists, vision boards, did a lot of research and selected the colors.

They are happy girls, so I chose happy colors! I found the perfect color combination in this picture:

I was so blown away by the out of the box combination of green, yellow, coral and pink! IT’S PERFECT! So off I went to Home Depot to get lumber for the shelves, brackets, paint and supplies.

The Vanities

They are GIRLY GIRLS 🤣 so I wanted to give them vanities. All the vanities I found online were over $350 each and not all that cute and super bulky. I decided to design something that I could build, that was different, fun and easy.

I bought a craft board at Home Depot, cut it in half, sanded it down, stained it dark walnut, and installed them into the studs. I painted an arch on the wall using a pencil and thread- there are several tutorials on Pinterest- and bought mirrors and the stools.

Here are the links:

Mirrors, at Target:

Stools, on Amazon:

Rug, at Target:

I’ve had these animal heads from Target forever, but they still have them!


Llama or Alpaca, IDK guys 😂:


The Dress Up Rack

Same $12 craft board from Home Depot, sanded it down & stained it. I also I got the rod & brackets at Home Depot.

The illustration was made by Brooke Costello, and you can find her on Instagram: @artdesignbybrooke she is so sweet and talented!

Barbie dolls:

The Beds

We’ve had these IKEA beds for 3 or 4 years. They are originally white, but I spray painted them Spring Green. It. Was. A. Pain. In. The. Neck. I do not recommend doing it. My hands and arms were sore for a whole week and the smell was awful!! But here’s the link to the bed, it grows with your child, which is so nice 🙂

I’ve been obsessed with arches and shapes painted on walls, so I had a wonderful time making this sun as well. It was so easy and looks so happy!

I bought the cloud shelf when I was putting together Archie’s nursery, but it didn’t go with his room after all, so I thought it was perfect to put it on the girls wall, and it really does look like clouds! Here’s the link:

Yes You Can print:

****All of the picture frames I bought at Hobby Lobby when they were having a 50% off sale!

Throw blankets with tassels:

All pillows are from the Pillowfort collection at Target

Rug is super old from Rugs USA, size 5×7:

The Strong Women Wall

Ahhhh this wall.. 😍😍

This wall was a JOY to make. Every single detail.

I installed the lattice (those wood trims). There’s something about using a nail gun that just makes your feel so powerful 💃🏻!

I didn’t want to spend my entire bank account on wallpaper, so I decided to add lattice, and only wallpaper the top.

Wallpaper was so easy to install, took me literally less than 20 minutes, because I’ve done this twice before. Make sure you use a credit card to smooth it out and get rid of bubbles. The Etsy link doesn’t work here, but the name of the shop is KidsWallpaperDesign.

RBG print:

Frida, RBG, Rosa & Malala prints:

Faux fiddle leaf tree:

Bean bag:

Heart pillow:

Bookshelf: I bought these cubbies, and installed legs on them. It looks like an actual piece of furniture!



Frida Doll:



Wow my fingers are cramping! 🤣 Hope this helps guys!! 💛💛💛 thank you for so much love on my work, and I am so excited to see what you guys do!! 💛💛

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Maya Vorderstrasse

Happily sleep-deprived, Maya exercises her unique and authentic personality, translating her personal experiences with her Irish twin daughters, Zoey and Hazel, into funny and honest posts, often accompanied by her best friend and husband Tim and her letter board. As a mother, a graduate in communications and advertising, and a musician, Maya has employed her whit, charm, abilities, and expertise in relatable posts and essays about motherhood and her experiences. Although Maya has been blessed with magazine features by Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Us Weekly and appearances on countless international websites, blogs, and even several television stations, Maya enjoys her active and successful engagement with other mothers, or soon to be mothers, on her Instagram page.

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