Oh Twilight…. 🧛🏻🌲🍎

I think the only hard part of making your biggest dream come true is after it comes true: what now?

I have a bucket list for my life, just like Jamie Sullivan had it in the movie A Walk To Remember. Except for my own spin on it: I am doing it in order to find/rediscover myself after motherhood.

I have realized that I am a mix of “I lost myself after becoming a mom” & “I’ve also changed an enormous amount” so I am fusing both to see who I’ve become after all that!

Since I was a teenager I’ve loved Twilight.

I loved Twilight so much that my dad turned my room into the Cullen’s house. He painted my walls purple, custom ordered a tree & birds decal, filled it with magazines and merch…. Ugh! The best!

Twilight not only got me through a very difficult time in my life, it also made me incredibly happy. The love story was so beautiful, the characters mesmerizing, and the soundtrack and aesthetic were the icing on the cake!

I’ve been to every movie premiere at the movies, and have the fondest memories from that time in my life, which I feel like has never left me because I constantly rewatch the saga and the soundtrack is always playing in my house!

So….. when I wrote my bucket list, I really took a moment to think about what MY dream was. One I’ve had forever. One I owed myself and absolutely deserved.

And it was as clear as the sun peaking through the clouds on the meadow scene: I needed to go to Forks.

Now… I put a TON of research into this, so here is my present to you: a breakdown of the twilight locations, and a look at the most magical days of my life, and my dream come to life…. My trip to Oregon.

First thing to know: Forks is located in the beautiful Washington State. That is the town that Stephenie Meyer based the books on, and those locations do exist. Forks, WA also has Bella’s truck and Charlie’s police car displayed for the fans to see!

The movie was filmed in a ton of different locations, and I will share the ones I visited.

The movie for the most part was filmed in Oregon. The locations are anytime from 10 min to 2 hours away from the Portland International Airport which is what I used as base for my itinerary since I landed there.

These are the locations we will cover: Cullen’s house, Bella’s house, the Diner, the Forest, the High School, Ballet Studio, the Alley, the Bridge, and La Push, BABY!

You absolutely need a car for this trip, so if you don’t drive there, you’ll need to rent a car not only because the locations are not near each other but also for safety. I’ll be honest, I did not feel safe in Portland at all. I talked to a lot of locals who said that since the pandemic, homeless and poverty have become a huge issue in Portland, and it’s heartbreaking to see in person. If you’re staying in Portland make sure to have a travel buddy with you, be aware of your surroundings, and make smart choices. Although Portland doesn’t feel very safe, the locals, servers, sales staff… were absolutely amazing. They are so unique and special, incredibly kind and made us feel so welcomed! Onto the locations!!

The Cullen House

This is where we started simply because it was 15 min from our Airbnb, and it was SO RAINY! Our initial plan was to start at La Push but the next day would be sunny so we went to the Cullen’s!

Now… you have to be respectful of this location. It’s privately owned and I read that they absolutely hate the visitors. It’s at the very end of the street and you CANNOT TRESPASS! I repeat: a family lives there!! They have do not trespass signs everywhere, so I stood on the STREET, in front of the house. That’s plenty to see and to get a quick photo. There were several other people there doing the same.

The address is: 3333 NW Quimby Street, Portland

La Push, Baby!

We decided to start with the furthest location. We woke up at 7AM, and left the Airbnb by 8AM because the location was about 1:45 min from us. The drive was STUNNING!! We went on November 8, so there was a lot of fall foliage for us to wonder at.

The beach is called Cannon Beach.


I’m taking ugly crying, completely overwhelmed, it was too much to take in all at once breathtaking.

We parked at a public parking lot, and simply crossed the street.

It was there. In all its beauty.

We were so incredibly lucky that we had a sunny day. Don’t get me wrong, it was so cold my knuckles were splitting open!!! But I didn’t care. I was in heaven.

Cannon Beach is absolutely stunning. That giant rock and the little ones around it make it hard to look away. The beach was peaceful. There were very few people there, felt so so intimate.

I collected a few broken shells for keepsake, and we walked. We walked and stared. Sometimes Hannah and I walked in silence, because that’s what you do when you’re faced with nature’s most perfect gift.

We stayed there for a little over an hour and decided to walk around and visit the shops.

We found ZERO twilight merch which was a bummer, but I bought so much stuff 🤣

The most special moment of my life after the moments where I met my babies.

I felt fulfilled.

Photo by @rosethornstudio
Photo by @rosethornstudio
Photo by @rosethornstudio
Photo by @rosethornstudio


Bella’s house is an Airbnb, but unless you’re willing to wait a couple of years to visit… don’t even think about it!! It’s fully booked for the next foreseeable future 🤣 It took 1:50 min to drive here from Cannon Beach.

They have one sign in front of the house that says that you’re more than welcome to film or take pictures, but it has to be from the street! Again, respect the rules!

The address is: 184 6th Street, St. Helens

Very close to Bella’s house is the Alley she’s chased at, the Restaurant the eats at with Edward and the store she shops for prom dresses with Angela and Jess.

The Alley’s address is: 260 2nd Street, St. Helens

It is behind the little stores! It still looks exactly the same!

Now… the store she shops at for prom dresses is now a hair salon, with a HUGE decal on the big window where those guys grossly cat call Jess at. I personally don’t think it’s worth a picture, but it was nice to see!

The restaurant was impossible to find, we simply couldn’t 🤣 so I gave up on that one. If you’d like to try, the address is: 251 S 1st Street, St. Helens

This is also the town where they shot the movie Halloweentown, so if you’re into them at.. you’ll like it!

The High School

This is the only time you’ll leave Oregon. We were SO excited when we saw the sign: Welcome to Washington! It took us 40 min to drive here from St. Helen.

The high school is located in Kalama, WA. We made sure we went AFTER school ended. The building that was used in the movie is the staff building, not the main entrance to the high school (and omg what a beautiful school it is!!)

So when you turn left at the school, keep hugging the left and you’ll see it. Also a very overwhelming moment… you imagine the movie happening right in front of your eyes. So magical!

From there, we decided to hit the last location of our Twilight itinerary:

The Diner!

Oh… the diner.

Intact. Every detail the same as it was on the movie. Now…. MAKE SURE TO CHECK THEIR HOURS!! They have weird hours and they don’t open on Monday & Tuesday!!

It is called Carver Café, and the address is: 16471 SE Highway 224, in Damascus, Oregon

It took us 30 min to drive here.

We made sure to get there as soon as they opened so that we could get Bella & Charlie’s table. We walked in and it felt like we just walked into a movie set. Not. A. Thing. Changed.

When we sat down, the owner, who is called Lisa, btw and is SO nice, IMMEDIATELY brought over menus AND A KETCHUP BOTTLE. I LAUGHED!!

The food was incredibleeeee oh my gosh!!!! And we made friends with an older couple who sat in front of us. They told us their car drove in front of the diner and it ended up in the movie!!! THEY PAID OUR BILL!! Ugh!! So nice!!!

They have a guestbook you can write on, with thousands of nice messages from people from all over the world!

Photo by @rosethornstudio
Photo by @rosethornstudio

The Forest

After you have your nice breakfast at Carver, you’ll hop back in the car and drive 3 min away to a location called Stone Cliff Inn. The address is: 17900 S Clackamas River Dr, Oregon City.

This is where they filmed the whole “say it out loud”/“lion and lamb” scenes.

This location is so bizarre!! It’s a hotel at the front, and the forest is BEHIND THEIR PARKING LOT!!! It’s mind boggling!!!

Let me tell you… it’s a fairy wonderland. My gosh.

You cannot help but stare at it. The moss, the branches, the rocks… everything is so beautiful, it’s mesmerizing.

They put little plates/signs on the exact places every scene was shot, so it’s very easy to find everything! Absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and the best way to wrap up the Twilight tour!!!!!

The ballet studio is down the road, and the address is: 16471 S Highway 224, Damascus

But we were so pooped from traveling so much we decided not to go. We were drained!!!!

What else to do in Portland

Our trip was 5 days long, we used 1.5 days for twilight and the rest for sightseeing.

Here are a few of my favorite places!!


You can’t get into this place and not feel disoriented in the absolute best way possible!!!!! It is LITERALLY A CITY OF BOOKS. It’s insane!!! It has several floors, they sell new and used books, and have a ton of cute little gifts to the book lovers in your life. An absolute MUST SEE. There is also a cafe inside, so you can seat down with your cup of tea and start reading one of the many books you’ll purchase!

Doc Marten’s Store

I had no idea they existed, but they do. GO IN THERE! It’s awesome. They have every style in existence and the sales staff is SO SO SO NICE.

Thai Peacock

Having eaten at this place makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because it was the BEST THAI food I have ever had in my life, and sad because I will never find another place as good ever again unless I go back there!!!!

Keep Portland Weird Sign & Voodoo Doughnuts

I’d honestly skip both. We had a sad experience here. This is downtown Portland, and people line up for the donuts. While we were waiting a lot of bad and scary things happened including a gun shot that sent everyone running for their lives!! We were bummed that the donuts weren’t even that great, so not worth the risk!!

The Wishing Tree

Majestic. It was in a nicer area, so we weren’t too scared. We went there right after getting tattoos at Blacklist Tattoos!

They have sharpies and paper available for you to write your wishes on, and you just find a spot to hang it’s a very beautiful experience, and I definitely recommend it!

Multnumah Falls

This is the water falls that are in the back of the baseball scene in twilight. There are no words to describe the beauty in front of you.

It’s absolutely stunning. You can hike up to the bridge, or do the big 2 mile hike all the way to the top! We also drove 8 min away to go to Oneonta Gorge, which is another beautiful hike we did!!!! YOU CANNOT NOT GO THERE!! Oh! They also have an INCREDIBLE souvenir store!

It was a gorgeous, special and unforgettable trip. My goodness. It’s a place that will forever be engraved in your heart. Oregon is a gift to humanity 💛

If you live in the Atlanta area, one of my best friends, and my travel buddy for this trip Hannah Jimerson is a photographer. Family, newborn, wedding, or business pictures, she is IT. She’ll climb fences, make your children smile, and give you the most beautiful photography experience!! Her instagram handle is @rosethornstudio she’s the GREATEST!!

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